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Owl Lapbook

Owl Lapbook

What is a raptor and are owls one?  What do owls eat?  How many varieties of owls exist?  Learn the answer to these questions and more in this free owl lapbook.

Library List:
Owls by Gail Gibbons

Raptors – Define raptors in the mini book.
Sizes – Answer the questions about the different sizes of owls in the flap book.
Owl Varieties – Use the booklet to put pictures of the different varieties of owls.
Facts About Owls – In the fan fold, answer the questions about owls.
Hunting their Prey – Use the layered book, write about how owls hunt their prey.
Face Types – Use the shutter fold to discuss the different types of owls.
Owl Communication – List some of the sounds owls make in the fan.
Owl Pellet – Dissect an owl pellet and record your findings in the shutter book with extra flap.
Nesting – Write about the places owls like to nest in the mini book.
Breeding – Discuss the breeding habits of owls in the egg shape book.
Owlets – In the matchbook, write about the life of owlets.
Endangered Owls – Write about the causes of the decrease in population of owls in the cross fold.

How to Fold a Lapbook

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