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Thomas Edison Lapbook

Thomas Edison Lapbook

Thomas Edison was a prolific inventor whose inventions influenced much of our modern world today.  Learn about him and his inventions in this free Thomas Edison lapbook.

How to Fold a Lapbook

Library List:
Who Was Thomas Alva Edison? by Margaret Frith
Thomas Edison and Electricity by Steve Parker

Thomas Edison’s Birth Flap Book – Answer the questions about Thomas Edison’s birth.
Sickness Booklet – Write about his terrible childhood sickness.
Thomas Edison’s Education Shape Book – Write about his childhood education.
Thomas Edison’s train job Match Book – Write about his job on the train.
Thomas Edison’s telegrapher job Match Book – Write about his job as a telegrapher.
Thomas Edison’s First Patent Booklet – Write about his first patent.
Thomas Edison’s Stock Printer Ticker Tape – Write about his Stock Printer.
Thomas Edison’s Family Flap Book – Write about his wives and children.
Thomas Edison- The Wizard of Menlo Park – Write about how he got his nickname.
Thomas Edison’s role in Motion Pictures- Write about his role in the invention of motion pictures.
Thomas Edison’s lightbulb- Write about Thomas Edison’s most famous invention.
Thomas Edison’s other Inventions- Write about some of Thomas Edison’s other inventions on these index cards.
Thomas Edison’s copy work- Use this quote from Thomas Edison as copy work.

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