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Electricity Lapbook

Electricity LapbookThis free electricity lapbook is a great introduction to the basics of electricity.  It includes several experiments to help reinforce what is learned in the activities.

Library List:
Magnetism by Darlene R. Stille (ages 4-8)
Electricity Darlene R. Stille (ages 4-8)
Magnetism by Peter D. Riley (ages 9-12)
Electricity by Peter D. Riley (ages 9-12)
The Facts about Electricity by Rebecca Hunter
Electricity by Chris Woodford (gr. 4-7 has timeline information)
The Complete Book of Science grades 5-6

1. Timeline
2. Vocabulary
3. What is electricity?
4. Negative and Positives
5. Static Electricity
6. Types of Circuits
7. Insulators, Conductors, Resistors
8. Magnets
9. Electric Meters
10. Batteries
11. AC/DC
12. Electric Safety
13. Taking Electric Experiments a bit further

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Download (PDF, 417KB)