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Dogs Lapbook

Dog Lapbook

This free dogs lapbook can help your student learn more about their “best friend” so they can better take care of their dog and train them.

Library List:
Complete Dog Care by Kim Dennis-Bryan
How to Talk to Your Dog by Jean Craighead George
Hero Dogs by Donna M. Jackson
Shaggy, Waggy Dogs and Others by Stephanie Calmenson
The True Story of Balto by Natalie Standiford
Jim the Wonder Dog by Clarence Dewey Mitchell
The Trial of Old Drum – video
The Wreck of the Ethie by Hilary Hyland

Resource Sites:
American Kennel Club

Dog Anatomy – Add pictures of a dog’s internal and external anatomy as well as its skeleton.

Mammal Questions – Answer questions to show that a dog is a mammal.

Dog Groups – List breeds or draw pictures for each group of dogs.

Panting – Why do dogs pant?

Barking – Why do dogs bark?

Chewing – Why do dogs chew?

Dog Tails – What does a dog’s tail tell us about his mood?

Dog Ears – Compare and contrast dog ears to human ears.

Dog Foods – What foods ingredients are good for dogs to eat? Are there any foods dogs shouldn’t eat?

Dog Safety – How to stay safe around dogs you don’t know.

Dog Supplies – What supplies will you need to get for a new dog?

Dog’s Body Language – Learn about a what a dog can tell you with his body language.

My Favorite Dog – Add a picture of your favorite dog.

Dog Jobs – List some jobs that dogs can do.

Famous Dogs – Write mini reports about some famous dogs.

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How to Fold a Lapbook

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