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Cattle Lapbook

Cattle Lapbook

If your student is curious about farm animals and where their food from, this free cows lapbook will help them to understand more about cows and cow products.

Library List:
Nature’s Children: Cows by Frank Puccio
Life on a Dairy Farm by Judy Wolfman
Life on a Cattle Farm by Judy Wolfman
Cows by Mary Ann McDonald


Cattle in the Bible – Use a topical Bible to find references to cattle in the Bible. List some of them in the shape book.

Names for Cattle – Define what each cow name means.

Cattle are Ruminants – Color the picture on the outside. Inside, describe what it means to be a ruminant.

Cow’s Stomach – On the first index card, draw and label a cow’s digestive system. On the other 4 cards, describe the process that occurs in each part of the stomach.

Copy work Practice – Write out nursery rhymes which include cows in them and put inside the envelope.

Products from Cattle – Use the cheese shape book to list some products we get from cattle.

Cattle Breeds – Use a brass fastener to put together the booklet about cattle breeds. Inside, glue pictures and describe some of your favorite cattle breeds.

Cow Bodies – Use the tab book to describe physical characteristics of cows.

History of the Cattle Industry – Color the picture and write about the beginnings of the cattle industry.

Cowboys Today – Use the cowboy hat shape book to describe a modern day cowboy’s job.

Milking a Cow – Inside the fan fold, answer the questions about milking a cow.

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