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Baseball Lapbook

Baseball Lapbook

This baseball lapbook is perfect for some summer fun school.  You can use this as a resource to help your t-ball player learn about the game or before a trip to see a professional game.

Library List:
Baseball for Fun by Sandra Will
Play Ball by James Buckley, Jr.

Resource Sites:
Baseball at Enchanted Learning

Label the Baseball Diamond.
Innings Trapezoid Fold – Describe the innings of a baseball game by filling in the blanks.
You’re Out Circle Fold – Describe ways a player can be called out. (Baseball for Fun p. 9)
Runs Matchbook – Define the terms inside this matchbook. (Baseball for Fun p. 10-11)
Equipment Glove Shape Book – Draw pictures or write about the equipment needed in baseball.
Baseball Traditions Ticket Shape Book – Write about some of baseball traditions. (Throwing of the first pitch, Seventh Inning Stretch)
Strike Zone Home Plate Shape Book – Inside this book, define strike zone, strike, ball, walk and umpire.
Players Bat Shape Book – Write about each of the players.
Rules – List some of the important rules. (Baseball for Fun pp30-31)
Strategy – Explain offensive and defensive baseball strategy (Baseball for Fun pp 32-35)
Favorite Team – Write about your favorite baseball team.
Favorite Players – Use index cards to make baseball cards for your favorite players. Put them inside the envelope.
Listen to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game!”  Use Baseball Notebooking page for handwriting. Write lyrics to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game!”.

How to Fold a Lapbook

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Download (PDF, 1.21MB)