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Antarctica Lapbook

Antarctica Lapbook

Learn about Antarctica’s geography, animals, tourism, and explorers in this free Antarctica lapbook.

How to Fold a Lapbook

Library List:
Explore Antarctica by Bobbie Kalman
Antarctica: Journey to the Pole by Peter Lerangis
Polar Explorers for Kids: Historic Expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic with 21 Activities by Maxine Snowden

Where in the World? Answer the questions and label Antarctica on this World Map.
Antarctica Climate – Use these Tabbed Index Cards to write about Antarctica’s Climate.
Antarctica Plants – Answer the questions about the plants that grow in Antarctica in this flip flap book.
Antarctica Animals – Write a report about Antarctic Animals and put inside this envelope or make animal cards to put inside the envelope.
Explorers of Antarctica – Inside this matchbook, write about some of the first explorers to visit Antarctica.
The Antarctic Treaty – Inside this booklet, write about the Antarctic Treaty.
Research in Antarctica – Inside this mini book, write about the research stations in Antarctica.
Antarctica Tourism – Pretend you are a tourist visiting Antarctica. Write a postcard to someone at home. You can learn about Antarctic Postal History from the United States Post Office’s website – Little America, Antarctica.
Antarctica Map – Label the Antarctica Map and staple onto the back of your lapbook.

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