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Alligator Lapbook

Alligator LapbookLearn all about alligators in this free Alligator lapbook.  

Library List:
All About Alligators by Jim Arnosky
Alligator by Patricia Whitehouse
There’s an Alligator Under My Bed by Mercer Mayer
More Mr. and Mrs. Green by Keith Baker
Tales From The Wild: Gus The Alligator by National Geographic (video)

Resource Sites:
Enchanted Learning – All About Alligators

Activity 1: Crocodile and Alligators Use this Venn diagram to show the differences between alligators and crocodiles.

Activity 2: Alligator Locations On this world map, color in the two places alligators live in the wild. Make a legend on the map.

Activity 3: Habitat Write about an alligator’s habitat in this mini book.

Activity 4: Carnivorous In this envelope fold, write about what an alligator eats. You can cut out the picture of the alligator and glue it on the front of the envelope.

Activity 5: Physical Characteristics Make this alligator card. Inside, describe the physical characteristics of an alligator. Listen to an alligator’s hiss and bellows.

Activity 6: Reptile Use this flap book to write about the characteristics that make an alligator a reptile.

Activity 7: Reproduction Use this shutter tab book to answer questions about alligator reproduction.

Activity 8: Baby Alligators Use this egg shape book to show what baby alligators look like. On the inside, draw a picture of a baby alligator or glue a picture from Gatorland’s Baby Pictures.

Activity 9: Behaviors In this fan-fold booklet write about an alligator’s behavior. Be sure to include how they move (swim and walk) and about their social behavior. Draw a picture of an alligator on the cover.

Activity 10: Interesting Facts Use this booklet to write some interesting facts about alligators

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