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Unit Study Based on An American Girl: Kirsten

Kirsten: An American Girl Unit Study

Library List:
Meet Kirsten An American Girl by Janet Shaw
Kirsten Learns a Lesson by Janet Shaw
Kirsten’s Surprise by Janet Shaw
Happy Birthday, Kirsten! by Janet Shaw
Kirsten Saves the Day by Janet Shaw
Changes for Kirsten by Janet Shaw
Kirsten’s Craft Book – Pleasant Company Publications
Kirsten’s Cook Book – Pleasant Company Publications

Read Meet Kirsten.
Trace Kirsten’s route on a map.
Find out what cholera is.
Find out about immigrants in your family.
Make a rag doll.

Read Kirsten Learns a Lesson.
Choose a poem to memorize and recite like Kirsten did.
Kirsten had to learn English. Learn a few Swedish words
Figure out what tribe of Indian Singing Bird belonged to by using their location, type of house, etc. Learn more about her tribe and what their life was like.

Read Kirsten’s Surprise.
Learn more about St. Lucia’s Day.
Make St. Lucia Buns. The recipe is in Kirsten’s Cookbook.
Have your own St. Lucia celebration.

Read Happy Birthday, Kirsten!
Learn about tornadoes.
Make a small quilt. There is a quilted potholder in Kirsten’s Craft Book.

Read Kirsten Saves the Day.
Learn about bee keeping.
Make bee’s wax candles.
Play games like they played on the Fourth of July.
Find out more about the black bears in Minnesota.

Read Changes for Kirsten.
Find out more about fur trading.
Learn about the Oregon Trail.

Visit a Swedish Museum.

The American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota
American Swedish Historical Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Swedish American Museum in Chicago, Illinois

Visit a Swedish Store.

Read the Butter in the Well book series by Linda Hubalek