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Literature unit study based on Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web Unit StudyLibrary List:
Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White
Spider books

Ch. 1 – Fern gets the pig because she is an early riser. Think of sayings that show this philosophy. (The early bird gets the worm.) Discuss the setting of the book. Find out what kind of care a newborn pig needs. Vocabulary: injustice, runt, nevertheless

Ch. 2 – find out why pigs like to roll in the mud. Complete swine breeds notebooking page. Vocabulary: enchanted, vanished

Ch. 3 – From the descriptions, draw a picture of the barn, complete with all of the animals. Learn about farming methods in history. Vocabulary: grindstones, scythes, pitch fork.

Ch. 4 – Wilbur is gloomy because all of his plans are ruined because of the rain. Make a list of things you can do on a rainy day. Choose one of the activities and write a story about how you helped someone overcome their gloom by doing that activity with them. Complete swine notebooking page.  Vocabulary: spattered, gloomily, glutton

Ch. 5 – Learn about spiders, their anatomy, are they insects, how many kinds are there. Vocabulary: clashers, appropriate, salutations

Ch. 6 – Baby geese are called goslings. What are other baby animals called? Do Baby Animals Worksheet. Vocabulary: cramped, gratified, conscience

Ch. 7 – What kind of meat comes from pigs? Where do other meats you like to eat come from? Vocabulary: anesthetic, conspiracy, butchered

Ch. 8 – For discussion: Do you think animals talk to each other? Vocabulary: faintest, rambled

Ch. 9 – Learn about spider’s webs and how they spin them. Do all spiders spin the same kind of web? Vocabulary: summoning, thud, sedentary

Ch. 10 – Make a blueberry pie. Vocabulary: gullible, affectionately, crisis

Ch. 11 – For discussion: Was it really a miracle? Look up the definition of miracle. What do you think of as a miracle? Vocabulary: glistened, veil, exertions, bewilderment

Ch. 12 – What words would you suggest to Charlotte to write in her web? Use white chalk and draw your web on black construction paper. Vocabulary: slogan, acrobat, destiny

Ch. 13 – Look through newspaper or magazine ads to find words that would work for Charlotte’s web. Vocabulary: journeyed, wondrous, disgusted

Ch. 14 – For discussion: Why was Fern’s mother concerned? Vocabulary: fascinating, sociable

Ch. 15 – Find out about spider’s egg sacs. Vocabulary: reputation, modest, distinguish

Ch. 16 – For discussion: Why did Wilbur faint? Was Charlotte’s plan working? Vocabulary: announcement, trampled, veritable

Ch. 17 – The kids each got 70 cents. Would that buy a lot at a fair today? Discuss inflation. Vocabulary: enormous, ascended, listless

Ch. 18 – Learn about county fairs. Vocabulary: messenger, schemes, masterpiece

Ch. 19 – Learn about the life cycle of spiders. Vocabulary: occupied, languishing, hoarsely

Ch. 20 – Color a pig picture. Vocabulary: extraordinary, phenomenon, complimentary

Ch. 21 – For discussion: What does it mean to be a friend? Was Wilbur a good friend? Was Charlotte? Templeton? Vocabulary: ceremony, tremendous, sentiments

Ch. 22 – Vocabulary: untold, constructed, trembling

Other Activities:
Watch Charlotte’s Web movie.