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4 Reasons to Do Fun School in the Summer

Fun School

Summer is a great time for parent educators to relax and regroup for the next school year, but should you be throwing a little bit of fun schooling into your summer mix?  Here’s four reasons you might want to do so.

  • Keep your kids in the practice of doing school:  In the fall, some kids have a difficult time getting back into the swing of doing school.  If you do some school throughout the summer, it is more likely kids will remember how to sit down and work.
  • Keep your kids out of trouble:  During the school year, your students had many activities plus their school work, which probably created a somewhat hectic schedule.  Now, during the summer, there might not be a lot of preplanned activities for them.  Yes, I believe kids should learn how to entertain themselves, but if they have to entertain themselves all day every day, you might not be too pleased with how they do so.  A little bit of fun school scattered throughout the week can help keep them occupied in a good way.
  • Help your kids remember what they learned: Three months is a long time, especially if you are trying to remember that last math concept taught in May.  Finding a fun way to review concepts throughout the summer can keep things fresh in your students’ minds so they are ready to jump back into difficult subjects in the fall.
  • Try different teaching methods:  You have, no doubt, read or heard about many different teaching methods.  Notebooking, unit studies, Charlotte Mason style, textbooks, and lapbooking are just a few.  Before you buy new curriculum for the fall, you might want to switch things up and try something new to see how you and your children like it. 

Every family is different and school in the summer might not make sense for everyone, but if your kids have trouble remembering their multiplication tables or have difficulties getting back into the swing of school in the fall, if they are bored and driving you crazy, or if you just want to try out a new teaching method, fun school in the summer might be the perfect thing for you!