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Basketball Lapbook

Free Basketball LapbookTeam sports can sometimes be difficult to teach in a homeschool setting, especially if there aren’t any leagues in your area for your children to join.  That was the case for us and basketball, but I wanted my children to understand the basics of the sport.  This free basketball lapbook was perfect for giving them a basic understanding of basketball.  It would also be a good learning tool for a basketball fan to find out more about the history of the game and their favorite players.

Basketball History Booklet – Inside the book, write about the history of basketball.
How Many Players Lift the Flap Book – Under each tab, answer the questions about basketball.
Offense / Defense Lift the Flap Book – Under each tab, describe what a team is doing when it plays offense or defense.
Court Labeling – Label the basketball court’s parts. You can also draw in the different players in their proper positions.
Positions Fan Booklet – On each fan page, describe the duties of one of the positions on a basketball team.
Basketball Moves Index Cards – On each card, explain the move indicated on its tab.
Referee layered book – Explain each item in the layered book.
Leagues circle fan – Write about the different basketball leagues.
Stars Envelope – Make biography squares for each of your favorite players. You can include their photo as well as important information about each. Place these cards inside the envelope.

How to Fold a Lapbook

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Download (PDF, 512KB)