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Soccer Lapbook

Free Soccer LapbookUse this free Soccer lapbook to teach your children about the game of soccer.

The Ball Book – Write about the size and material of a soccer ball.
Soccer Lift the Flap Book – Answer the questions about the game of soccer.
Soccer Field Shutter Book – Decorate the outside and label the items on the field.
The Goalkeeper Matchbook – Write about the job of a goalkeeper.
Soccer Moves Envelope – You can use this envelope to describe and illustrate soccer moves as you learn how to do them.
The Players Layered Book – Describe the roles of each type of player.
The Referee Book – Write about the referee’s job in a game of soccer.
History of Soccer Book – Write a brief history of the game of soccer.
Soccer Superstars Index Book – Choose your favorite five soccer superstars and write about one on each index card.
World Cup Envelope Book – Write about the World Cup games in this book.

How to Fold a Lapbook

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