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How to Keep Your Sanity While Homeschooling This Holiday Season

Keeping your SanityThis morning, I received an e-vite to a homeschool orchestra concert. In the near future, we also have a drama performance and dance recital. That in itself isn’t too busy, but when you add in all of the Christmas parties, December birthday parties, visits to family, holiday baking and crafting, it can be hard to fit in your regular day to day school work. So, how do we get it all done? We don’t. Here’s what we do instead.

Make a List and Prioritize: I like to make lists. Sometimes I just make a list so that I can cross things off I have already finished. But during this season, I know it is necessary to make a list of the things that must be completed. So, I prioritize my list starting with the things I absolutely have to do and ending with the things I would like to do but don’t have to do.  I realize that if I do everything I have to do, I just won’t have time to do everything I want to do. The prioritized list allows me to focus my attention first to the most important things.

Take a Break from Traditional School: We take about two weeks off school, usually around when the public schools are off. This helps us with our 4H activities that are scheduled around the school calendar. But, we don’t stop learning during these two weeks.

Make Everything a Learning Experience: There is an opportunity to learn in most activities if you choose to make it a priority for your family. We could go to that orchestra concert, listen quietly, and go home and move on with our life. Or, we could find out what they will be playing and learn about that composer before going to listen to the concert. We also might do an orchestra lapbook before going. Even going to look at Christmas lights could be a learning experience. You could look at maps before to map your route or learn about all the programming that goes into the musical synchronized light displays.

As you go through the next month of busyness, keep in mind what is really important and don’t worry about the rest.