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Chess Lapbook

Chess Lapbook

Chess is a classic game to teach strategy and planning.  This free Chess lapbook will teach your student the basics of the game.

History of Chess Matchbook – Write a brief history of the game of chess.
List the Flap Book – Write the names of each chess piece inside the flap.
Pieces Booklet – Fill in the blank on each page indicating the number of pieces per side. For example, the castle has two pieces per side and the king has one piece per side. Using a colored pencil, draw on the board how that piece can move.
Chess Board – Follow the directions to show how to set up a chess board.
Castling Book – Describe the castling move.
Winning Flap Book – Answer the questions about winning the game of chess.

How to Fold a Lapbook

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Download (PDF, 533KB)