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Some Academic Benefits of Homeschooling

Academic Benefits of HomeschoolingFourteen years ago, we started on our homeschooling journey and we still have a few years to go before we are finished. Along the way, we have discovered many benefits to homeschooling. Here are just three of the many academic benefits I feel are important.

Self Paced: We have been able to do the kids’ schooling at a pace that is comfortable for each child individually. If they are ready to move ahead in math, we can do that. If they need more time learning spelling, that’s ok too. This can eliminate a lot of frustration found in a typical classroom, caused either by the class moving too quickly or too slowly through lessons.

Study Meaningful Material: You can plan your lessons according to what your children will be doing in the near future. For instance, if you are going to visit Springfield, Illinois, you might do a lapbook about Abraham Lincoln before you leave. Likewise, you might do some nature study before going on a camping trip.

Career Path: As your children get older, you can tailor their studies towards their career interests. Our oldest loves working with animals, so she studied veterinary science, genetics, and marine biology while at home. If your student is uncertain about a career path, you can help them explore possible options with custom tailored classes based on their interests.