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Substitute Teachers – In Your Homeschool?!?

Substitute Teachers - In Your Homeschool-!- (1)

There have been times during the past 13 years of homeschooling that I have needed to take a day off for a doctor or some other appointment. My kids are old enough now that they can be given their assignments for the day and they will be fine. But when they were little, they needed a substitute teacher. Usually my husband filled this role, and over time, I came to realize that it was a good thing for them to have someone different teaching them occasionally. Here’s why.

• My husband does most things different than I would do them. This used to bother me – A LOT! Then I realized that the kids (and I) need to see things can be done in a different way and still be done well. Who knows, if I pay attention, I just might learn a better way to do something.
• I need time off. Most jobs give vacation time for a reason. A person needs a break from their day to day routine. Stay at home parents do not usually get that break unless they do it intentionally. An appointment allowed me to have a day off without feeling guilty.
• It helps your spouse engage with the kids even on days when they have been at work all day. After substitute teaching, they will have a better understanding about what subjects thrill and what subjects challenge your children. This will make it easier to enter into a conversation about school work than simply asking how school was today.

So, the next time you have an appointment during the day, maybe you would like to try a substitute teacher. It could be beneficial for everyone!