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Metric System Lapbook

Homeschool Helper Online's Free Metric System Lapbook

In this free Metric System Lapbook, learn about the metric system prefixes, commonly used units, how the metric system compares to the English system, the history of the metric system, and more.  You might also like our free Metric Conversions Worksheet and our free Metric System Notebooking Page.

Units Index Card Book – List what each of the units measure and some items you might measure with them.
Prefixes Meet in the Middle Book – List each of the metric prefixes and fill in the squares with zeros to represent the value of each prefix.
Metric System History Booklet – Write about the history of measurement, who invented the metric system, and where it is currently used.
Comparison to English Measures Book – Learn which English measurements compare to Metric measurements.
Big and Little Flap Book – Expand your knowledge beyond the common metric prefixes to include some of the really big and really little prefixes. Inside each flap, write the prefix for the number given.

Download (PDF, 746KB)