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What is Notebooking, Anyway?

What is Notebooking, Anyway?Notebooking is a trending topic in the homeschooling world, but it can be difficult to get an idea of how to get started. If you are not entirely certain what notebooking entails, read on; this article is for you.  If you’ve already “been there/done that” with notebooking and your kids are pros, be sure to check out our free printable notebooking pages.

Simply put, notebooking is writing in a notebook what you have learned about a subject. Sometimes drawings, charts, timelines, etc. are added to increase comprehension. This can be easily done in a spiral bound notebook organized by subject or by school tern. To create a fancier notebook, there are many printable notebooking pages available that can be combined into a 3 ring binder.

There are many benefits to notebooking. Here are a few.
• Students are able to study a subject and learn things of interest to them instead of having to worry about finding answers to worksheet questions.
• It is a less painful way for some students to strengthen their writing skills since they are writing in smaller chunks and about things that are of interest to them.
• You can use pre-made notebooking pages for copywork or dictation.
• Notebooking can be used for any subject.
• Some textbooks lend themselves to being used along side notebooking, such as the Apologia science books or Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer

If you haven’t tried notebooking in your homeschool, I hope you will print out some of our free notebooking pages and give it a try. Your students just might enjoy it!

Send in your pictures of pages your kids create using our free notebooking pages and we might post them on the site!