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Christmas Nativity Lapbook

Christmas Nativity LapbookThe story of Jesus’ birth might already be familiar to your children.  This free Nativity of our Lord lapbook can be a fun way to remind them of the details during the Christmas season.

Gabriel Visits Mary matchbook – Write about the angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary in this matchbook.
Elizabeth and Mary book – Write about Mary’s visit to Elizabeth.
Mary’s Song notebooking paper – Use this paper to do copy work of Mary’s song from Luke 1:46-55.
The Birth of Jesus flap book – Answer the questions about the events leading up to the birth of Jesus.
Baby Jesus fold over book – You can color the image of Mary and Jesus and inside write about the clothes Mary used for Jesus and his cradle.
Shepherds layered book – Write about the events on the night of Jesus’ birth from the shepherds’ point of view.
Joseph cross-shaped book – Answer the questions about Joseph, son of David.
Magi quilt block book – Inside this book, describe the Magi’s journey to visit Jesus and back home. Be sure to include who they met along the way.

How to Fold a Lapbook

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