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Russia Lapbook

Russia Lapbook

Learn all about the country of Russia in this free lapbook.  Russia has an interesting history, architecture, and natural resources to discover!

How to Fold a Lapbook

Library List:
DK Eyewitness Books: Russia by Kathleen Berton Murrell

Lapbook Cover – Make a collage of Russian arts and architecture.
Russia Map – Follow the directions
Russia Flag – Color the flag.
Russia’s Tsars – Fill in the missing words. Add any additional information about each of the tsars. The extra page can be used for another tsar or as a title page. Use a brass fastener at the bottom to connect the pages together.
Russian Architecture – Write about the domes used in some of the Russian architecture.
Russian Space Exploration – Answer the questions about Sputnik, dogs in space and the first human in space.
Faberge Eggs – Draw your own egg and answer the questions about the Faberge eggs.
Russia’s Natural Resources – List some of Russia’s natural resources.
Russian Animals – Write about a few of Russia’s wild animals.
Russian Ballet – Write about the history of Russian ballet inside this shaped book.
Russian Paper Baboushka Dolls – Color the dolls and put them into an envelope in lapbook.

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