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Pennsylvania Lapbook

Pennsylvania LapbookThis free Pennsylvania lapbook will have you learning everything from geography to famous people and everything in between!

How to Fold a Lapbook

Library List:
K is for Keystone: A Pennsylvania Alphabet by Kristen Kane

What is your name? (Matchbook) – Learn the history of Pennsylvania’s name.
Who was William Penn? (Matchbook)
Quaker State (tri fold) – Who founded Pennsylvania and why?
Keystone State Mini (Simple fold) – Why is Pennsylvania nicknamed the Keystone state?
Pennsylvania State Quarter (Tri-fold)
Punxsutawney Phil (Simple Fold) – Find out about the famous Punxsutawney Phil!
State Motto (Scroll book) “Virtue, Liberty, and Independence”
Statehood (Star booklet) December 12, 1787 – 2nd State
What does the Pennsylvania Seal mean?
Pennsylvania Flag (Simple fold) Describe the Pennsylvanian flag. When was it adopted?
County – Research your county and write about it.
Pennsylvania Numbers (6 flap book)
PA Mountains (triangle shape)
PA Rivers (curved) – 4,500 rivers and streams in the state
Harrisburg – Capital versus Capitol (3 flap book) Define the two words, write about Harrisburg.
Pennsylvania Seasons (Flap book) – What are the seasons like in Pennsylvania?
Native Americans of Pennsylvania (Tab Book)
Government (Foldable)
Pennsylvania Timeline (accordion book) Add as many sections as you like with info from your research.
Plants of Pennsylvania (layer book)
Animals of Pennsylvania
Natural Resources The Environment, the Johnstown Flood of 1889, Coal Mining, Oil Drilling
Manufacturing in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Transportation (4 flap) Highways, Railroads,  Airports, Ports, Barge Canals pulled by mules
Agriculture of Pennsylvania (tri-fold flap)
Pennsylvania Dutch -(tri fold) Amish & Mennonite
Famous Documents written in Pennsylvania
Favorite Foods in PA
State Symbols
The Liberty Bell
History Notebook Page
Battles & Wars in Pennsylvania (Notebook Page)
Pennsylvania Geography
Historic Places
Fun Places to Visit
People Historical, Inventors: Robert Fulton, Women, Political Leaders, Business Leaders, Entertainers, Athletes, Authors

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Download (PDF, 2.97MB)