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Parts of Speech Lapbook

Parts of Speech Lapbook

This free parts of speech lapbook was made for kindergarten and 1st graders who are working on memorizing the parts of speech and then focusing most on the nouns, pronouns, verbs, and prepositions. There are no templates for this lapbook – only images and instructions on how to complete the lapbook.

The parts of this lapbook:
Noun and Pronoun cards. There’s a large card with noun words and pictures on it. Then you print out the cards with the matching pictures and pronouns. The child then matches the right pronouns to the nouns. On this card in one square is “Jacob” – you can change this to your child’s name. There is a “keeper” for the cards for this matching game.
There are small noun and verb cards that can be sorted into little pockets on which you write “noun” and “verb.” Be aware that since the parts of speech are determined by the job a word does in a sentence, some of the words are subjective. There is a keeper for these noun and verb cards.
The preposition hot dog book includes a list of prepositions that our kids memorized. The reason for the monkey and tree image is that a preposition is “anything a monkey can be to a tree.”
A verb is a triangle because there are three types – under the folded flaps write “action,” “being,” “condition.” (The difference between “being” and “condition” is whether something is permanent – Suzy is a girl- or temporary – Suzy is tired.) Inside the middle of the interior triangle, place the square fold. On each flap write “transitive,” “intransitive,” “helping,” and “linking.”
The reason for the pentagon shape on nouns is the 5 different types of nouns: Person, Place, Thing, Idea, Activity. The pronoun is the same shape and color because it can replace a noun.

How to Fold a Lapbook

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