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Olympics Lapbook

Olympics Lapbook

The Olympics are a showcase of the world’s athletic talent.  Use this free Olympics lapbook to learn about the history of the games and the ceremonies of today’s games.

Library List:
Eyewitness: Olympics by Chris Oxblade
Hour of the Olympics (Magic Tree House #16) by Mary Pope Osborne
The Complete Book of the Olympics by David Wallechinsky
The Winter Olympics: An Insider’s Guide to the Legends, Lore, and Events of the Games Vancouver Edition by Ron C. Judd

Ancient Olympics: Write a short history of the ancient Olympics in the matchbook fold.
The Olympics are Reborn: Inside the fanfold, write about how Pierre de Coubertin restarted the Olympics.
The Olympic Torch: Inside the booklet, trace the route of the Olympic torch.
Opening Ceremony: Inside the quilt fold, describe the opening ceremony from the current Olympics. Or, you could explain how the opening ceremonies have changed over the years.
The Games: Use the index cards to talk about your favorite Olympic sports.
The Awards: Use the circle book to list some of the awards given to winners through the ages.
Medal Ceremony: Describe the medal ceremony in the shaped booklet.
Olympic Flag: In the simple fold book, explain the meaning of the Olympic flag.

How to Fold a Lapbook

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