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Little Bear Literature Lapbook

A Kiss for Little Bear Lapbook

This free literature based lapbook is for Grades K-2.  It uses A Kiss for Little Bear and includes art, science, and story sequencing.

Library List:
A Kiss for Little Bear by Else Holmelund Minarik

Day 1: Art: Draw or paint your own “wild monster” picture. Hen: Use the index card booklet to find out more about chickens. On the food page, write about what chickens eat. On the gizzard page, explain what the gizzard does. On the egg page, write about chicken eggs, or glue on the pictures. Color the chicken picture and on the front cover, attach the picture with a brass fastener, then draw some food for the chicken to eat. You can make the chicken move to eat the food.

Day 2: Frog: Use the wheel book to show a frog’s life cycle. Cut out a life cycle image and glue it onto the wheel.

Day 3: Cat: Use the cat shape book to write about cats.

Day 4: Skunk: Use the matchbook to write about skunks. Cut out the skunk picture from Enchanted Learning to color and glue onto the front. Find out why they spray, how far their spray can travel and are there any warning signs that they are about to spray.

Day 5: Story Sequencing: Use the worksheet to show the progression of Little Bear’s Kiss.

How to Fold a Lapbook

Download (PDF, 854KB)