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Light Lapbook

Light LapbookThis free light lapbook has a double set-up and can be stretched over a month to make a complete science unit on Light. You will need 2 1/2 file folders; one file folder for each section of the double lapbook (sec. 1 & sec. 2), plus half of a file folder for the extra flap used in section 1. You will prepare section 1 and section 2 using individual file folders individually using instructions below. At the bottom of the instruction list, instructions will be given for affixing the two sections together.

Library List:
Talk about Light by Webb & Faircloth
Light: A First Discovery Book By Scholastic
Kingfisher Young Knowledge Light and Sound by Dr. Mike Goldsmith + books or video’s on light travel and/or the Northern Lights

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Download (PDF, 844KB)