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Groundhog Day Lapbook

Groundhog Day Lapbook

This free Groundhog Day Lapbook includes activities from several areas of study.  The student will learn about the calendar and shadows.  They will also learn about groundhogs and hibernation.  The study will finish with the celebration of Groundhog Day and its relationship to Candlemas as well as how it is celebrated in two different countries.

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Library List:
Groundhog Day by Lynn Peppas

Activity 1: Calendar In the book, write the day of the week Groundhog Day falls on this year.
Activity 2: Shadows In the matchbook, describe what makes a shadow.
Activity 3: Groundhog Facts Using the layered book, learn and record some facts about groundhogs.
Activity 4: Groundhog Predators In the fan book, draw some of the groundhog’s predators.
Activity 5: Names of groundhogs In the shape book, write some of the other names groundhogs are called. You could do copywork of the riddle, “How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck?”
Activity 6: A Groundhog’s Family In the book, write about a groundhog’s family.
Activity 7: Hibernation In the triangle shaped book, define hibernation.
Activity 8: Winter In the graphic, write the beginning and ending dates of winter.
Activity 9: The Groundhog’s Prediction In the flapbook, answer the question about the groundhog’s weather prediction.
Activity 10: Candlemas In the shape book, write about the Candlemas holiday and how it related to Groundhog Day.
Activity 11: The U.S. Celebration In the flapbook, answer the questions about the American’s Groundhog Day celebration.
Activity 12: The Canadian Celebration In the flapbook, answer the questions about the Canadian’s Groundhog Day celebration.

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