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Christmas Customs Lapbook

Christmas Customs Lapbook

Throughout history, people in different cultures have celebrated Christmas with different customs.  This free Christmas Customs lapbook will expose your children to some of these different customs and traditions.

How to Fold a Lapbook

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The Joys of Christmas: Christmas Customs and Legends Around the World by Kathryn Jackson

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Christmas Customs

Activity 1: Gifts In the shaped book describe how the custom of giving gifts started. Find out about the Denmark custom of disguising gifts, called Julklapp.
Activity 2: Yule Log Learn about the custom of the yule log and write about it in the mini book.
Activity 3: Nativity Play In the cross book, write about the history of nativity plays.
Activity 4: Wassailing Find out about wassailing and write what you learned in the mini book. Sing the song “Here We Come A-Wassailing”. Make some wassail.
Activity 5: Mince Pies Find out who eats mince pies at Christmas time and why. Write what you learned in the circle fold book Make a mince pie.
Activity 6: Christmas Crackers Write about Christmas Crackers in the booklet. Make your own Christmas Cracker.
Activity 7: Christmas Cards Design your own card and write about the history of Christmas cards inside the card. Make cards for friends and family.
Activity 8: Stockings  Inside the shaped book, explain how the custom of hanging stockings by the fireplace originated.
Activity 9: Shoes In some countries, children set out their shoes instead of hanging stockings. Write about this custom in the mini book.
Activity 10: Santa In the layered book, write some of the different names used for Santa in different countries and some of the different foods that are left out for him.
Activity 11: Advent Wreath In the circle book, explain the meaning of each candle on the advent wreath. Make an Advent Wreath. There are a lot of ideas on the internet. Choose one that is appropriate for your age level.
Activity 12: St. Lucia’s Day Find out about St. Lucia’s Day and write about it in the book.

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