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China Lapbook

China LapbookLearn about China’s geography and culture in this free China lapbook.

How to Fold a Lapbook

Library List:
DK Eyewitness Books: China by Poppy Sebag-Montefiore
D is for Dancing Dragon by Carol Crane

Resource Sites:
Chinese Numbers – Enchanted Learning
Animals of China

Lapbook Cover – Make a collage of Chinese arts and architecture.
China Map – On the political map, draw and label Beijing, Hong Kong, Xi’an, and the Great Wall of China. On the physical map, draw and label the Yangtze River, Mount Everest, and the China Sea.
China Flag – Color the flag.
Chinese Numbers – Inside each flap, draw the Chinese numbers 1-10.
Chinese Zodiac – Learn about the Chinese zodiac, then fill in the cards.
Chinese Dragon Dance – Write about the custom of the Dragon Dance.
Great Wall of China – Answer questions about the Great Wall of China.
Kite – Design your own kite to put into your lapbook.
Chinese Animals – Write about the giant panda, Amur tiger, and Chinese alligator. Choose another two animals to write about.
Chinese Food – Write a little about Chinese food. Be sure to include what utensils they use and what their staples are. Make some Chinese food or go to a Chinese restaurant.
Chinese Clothing – Cut out the Chinese paper dolls and clothing. Put them into this envelope in your lapbook.

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