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Chemistry Lapbook

Chemistry Lapbook

This free Chemistry lapbook was designed to teach basic chemistry for grades 2nd – 8th.  The students will learn about the history of the science of chemistry, all about atoms, molecules, elements, and more.

Library List:
Chemistry Matters by Grolier
Chemical Change: from Fireworks to Rust by Darlene Stille
Chemical and Change by Steve Parker
Acids and Bases by Carol Baldwin
Chemistry (DK Eyewitness Books) by Ann Newmark
Science Matters by Brian Knapp (volumes 3, 10, 15, 16, 21, 22)
The Complete Book of Science grades 5-6
The Usborne Internet-linked Science Encyclopedia by Judy Tatchell

Vocabulary: property, volume, mass, density, weight, space,

1. Timeline
2. The Atom
3. The Molecule
4. Play an online game
5. Chemical Bonds
6. The Elements
7. Making a Molecule
8. Observable Properties
9. The 3 States of Matter
10. Changing the States of Matter
11. Physical and Chemical Changes
12. Acids and Bases
13. The 3 Types of Matter
14. Just for Fun
15. Vocabulary

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Download (PDF, 154KB)