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Ballet Lapbook

Ballet Lapbook

If you have a little ballerina who just can’t get enough ballet, this is the perfect lapbook for them!  They will learn some ballet terms, ballet positions, famous ballets, and famous ballerinas.

Library List:
Starting Ballet – Usborne First Skills by Helen Edom
Hooray for Ballet by Margaret Frith
The Nutcracker – DVD

Vocabulary: Use Ballet Shoe Shape Book to write the vocabulary words. We used: plier, relever, etendre, sauter, glisse, tourner, elancer.
Five Ballet Positions: We cut out clip art of the ballet positions. We glued them into a 4″x6″ book. We cut the book down the middle, so we could mix and match the hand and feet positions.
Positions of the Body: We cut out into three strips the positions of the body from Andros on Ballet. We added a cover and stapled them together.
Correct Arm Position: We cut out the arm position image from It is about halfway down the page. We folded it into a hot dog fold and put an x through the 2 incorrect arm positions.
Arabesque Positions: We cut out three Arabesque Positions and used a brass paper fastener to make them into a fan book.
History of Ballet: Use the flap book to answer questions about the history of ballet.
Mime in Ballet: We cut out some mime ballet images and glued them into a booklet. We labeled each picture.
Famous Ballets: Use the index cards to write about three famous ballets.
Famous Ballerinas: Use the matchbook to write about your favorite ballerina. We glued a picture of her on the front of the matchbook and wrote a brief biography inside.

How to Fold a Lapbook

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Download (PDF, 362KB)