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Astronaut Lapbook

Astronaut Lapbook

This free astronaut lapbook teaches your student about life in space.  Learn what astronauts have to wear, what they eat, and how they have fun in space.  Also included is a writing prompt for creative writing practice.

Library List:
Space Heroes: Amazing Astronauts by James Buckley, Jr.
The Space Shuttle by Jacqueline Langille & Bobbie Kalman
The Amazing International Space Station by the Editors of YES Mag
The Life of an Astronaut by Niki Walker

Resource Sites:
Astronaut Food
Astronaut Clothing

Travel – Use the matchbook to write about space travel.

Food – Use the fan fold to write about eating in space. Eat some space food. We made chocolate pudding and ate it out of a Ziploc bag with a hole cut in the corner.

Clothing – Use the index cards to write about an astronaut’s different types of clothing.

Famous Astronauts – Use the fan booklet to write about your favorite astronauts.

Fun in Space – What do astronauts do for fun while in space? Answer in the booklet.

Life in Space – Answer the questions in the flap book about life inside the International Space Station.

What would you take with you? – In the flower fold, write 5 personal items you would take with you into space.

Writing Prompt – If I could go into space…

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