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Unit Study based on The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses

The Girl Who Loved Horses Literature Unit StudyLibrary List:
The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses by Paul Goble
The Very First Americans by Cara Ashrose
Daily Life in a Plains Indian Village 1868 by Michael Terry

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Teepees – Discuss why teepees were necessary for the lifestyle of the Plains Indians. Watch this video about building a teepee. Build a small teepee using sticks and fabric. Use paints to decorate the teepee as shown in the illustrations of the book.

Buffalo – Discuss how the Indians used every part of the buffalo. Read and complete the buffalo worksheet from’s Native American Page.

Horses – Read “How the Discovery of the Horse Changed the Life of the Plains Indians”. Use the Native American with Horse Notebooking Page to write about how the horse changed the Plains Indians lives.

Weather – Do some weather related worksheets from EnchantedLearning.

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