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Swimming Mini Unit Study

Swimming Unit StudyLibrary List:
Swimming and Diving by Charlie G. Wilson
America’s Champion Swimmer: Gertrude Ederle by David A. Adler
Swimming with Dolphins by Lambert Davis – picture book
In the Swim: poems and paintings by Douglas Florian

Learn about the history of swimming. Read Swimming and Diving pages 4-8.

Learn about the history of swimming pools.

Learn about the history of swimwear. This site has Victorian swimwear and a link for 20th-century swimwear.

Learn about famous swimmers. Read America’s Champion Swimmer and pages 60-61 of Swimming and Diving. Find out who the most recent Olympic swimmers were. Write a letter to one telling them how they have inspired you and why you love to swim.

Go to a local swim meet.

Literature: Read Swimming with Dolphins.

Have children write down as many animals they can think of that swim. This could be a game between children to see who comes up with the most animals. Read In the Swim.

Read pages 34-44 of Swimming and Diving to learn about the different swimming strokes. Sign up for swimming lessons if you don’t know all of them.

Read Isaiah 25:9-12.

Do Swimming Word Search.

Go swimming and play some swimming pool games.

Here is a swimming notebooking page.