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Squirrels and their Habitats Unit Study

Squirrels and their Habitats Unit StudySubmitted by Wende

Library List:
Miss Suzy by Miriam Young
Fun With Nature by Boring, Burns, and Dendy
*Danger Comes to Squirrel Valley by Dorothy Galde

Identify what kind of squirrel Miss Suzy is.
Read about Gray Squirrels on page 163 of Fun With Nature.
Identify the kind of squirrels that took over Miss Suzy’s home.
Read about Red Squirrels on page 165 of Fun With Nature.
Older students may want to further research squirrels and their classification. They are in the Animal Kingdom, Chordata Phylum, Mammal Class, and Rodent Order. Introduce what these terms mean and how they apply to a squirrel.
Identify the kind of tree Miss Suzy lived in. Read about oak trees on pages 254-255 in Fun With Nature. You can also mention that much of Miss Suzy’s food and dishes came from the acorns of the oak tree.
Identify the kind of branch Miss Suzy used to make a broom. Read about maple trees on pages 252-253 of Fun With Nature. Go for a walk in a wooded area, with Fun With Nature in hand, and see how many different trees you can identify.
Collect leaves to make rubbings, and help the student assemble a Book of Leaves. Press and dry various leaves, and then make a pretty fall placemat by mounting the leaves between two sheets of clear contact paper.
Collect nuts found during nature walk and make food balls for squirrels by rolling nuts in peanut butter and hanging from trees.
Go on a squirrel hunt, looking for squirrels, nests, or other signs such as tracks or scat. Refer to page 202 of Fun With Nature.

For further autumn time study: Read: Animals in Winter by Henrietta Bancroft
Discuss how squirrels store up nuts to eat during the cold winter months. Discuss how other animals survive winter (i.e. hibernation, migration, hunting)
Read: Plants in Winter by Joanna Cole Discuss why trees lose their leaves, and how other plants survive the winter.


*Note* – *Danger Comes to Squirrel Valley by Dorothy Galde is a read aloud chapter book about the struggles and triumphs of a family of squirrels that reveal spiritual and moral truths. Due to the mention of the demise of some of the valley animals, it may not be appropriate for your more sensitive younger listeners.