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Skeletal System Unit Study

Skeletal Systems Unit StudySubmitted by Tristan R.
Grades 1-3

Library List:
The Magic School Bus chapter book #2 The Search for the Missing Bones by Eva Moore
Fun/Reference Books
My First Body Book by Melanie and Chris Rice
Eyewitness: Skeleton by Steve Parker
Eyewitness Visual Dictionary of the Skeleton by DK Publishing
The Coolest Cross-Sections Ever by Stephen Biesty

Points to Study:
1. How many bones are in the human skeleton?
2. What are some functions of our bones?(support, protection, attachments for muscles)
3. What are bones made of?
4. Why can bones move?
5. What are different kinds of joints?
6. What can we “feed” our bones?
7. How can x-rays help doctors?
8. How are broken bones fixed?
9. What is a vertebrate?
10. What is an invertebrate?
11. Learn the major bones of the body.
The MSB book teaches them as you read, from feet to head. We took a washable marker and marked the bones on our own skin as we learned them in each chapter, then recited them all day. All the kids remembered them(at the time they were 1, 2, and 6).
12. Compare human skeletal system to different animals using the Eyewitness Visual Dictionary.

Shows to watch: Magic School Bus Flexes Its Muscles

Scripture Story: creation of animals and Adam and Eve

Skeleton Notebooking

Skeleton Labeling Worksheet