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PreSchool Unit Study based on Snow Day

Snow Day Literature Unit StudyLibrary List:
Snow Day by Betsy Maestro
Snow is Falling by Franklyn M. Branley

Suggested Activities to go with the book:

In the book, snow plows are used to clear the streets. Show your child how the letters ‘ow’ can make two different sounds when at the end of words, as in snow and plow. You can use the ow family worksheets for this: words that rhyme with snow, and words that rhyme with plow.

Make a Snow picture. Use dark blue construction paper and white liquid shoe polish (the kind in the bottle with the foam applicator). Let them paint snowflakes by pressing the foam applicator onto the construction paper.

Memory Verse: Psalm 147:16

Several different modes of transportation are discussed in Snow Day. Discuss with your child all of the different forms of transportation. Make a transportation book. You can print and color this one, or you could cut out pictures from magazines and make your own.

Read the book, Snow is Falling, with your child. This book explains how all snowflakes are different and how snow is beneficial. If possible, go outside while it is snowing and catch some snowflakes on a cold sheet of dark construction paper. Examine the snowflakes closely to see how they are different from each other.

Show your child how to cut a snowflake. Decorate a room with snowflakes!

Make Sno Cones.