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The History of Flight Unit Study

History of Flight Unit StudySubmitted by Cari S.
1st – 3rd

Library List:
The Story of Flying by Leslie Sims
Planes by F. Patchett
Planes and Helicopters Author: C. Gifford
The glorious flight : across the channel with Louis Bleriot, July 25, 1909 Authors: Alice and Martin Provensen

Language Arts

Read the book The Story of Flying by Lesley Sims.
Look up the vocabulary words for each chapter.
Talk about the book. You can use the discussion questions listed below.

Ch. 1
Vocabulary – soared, determined, enormous
Discussion Questions – Why couldn’t people fly by attaching wings to a bike? What was the problem with the glider that Felix du Temple built? Why didn’t inventors give up on flying? Do you think not giving up is a good thing? A word for not giving up is perseverence.

Ch. 2
Vocabulary – propellers, cockpit, launching
Discussion Questions – Who were Wilbur and Orville Wright? What character quality did they have that helped them succeed? (hint: Did they give up very easily?) What type of design was the most popular at the very first airshow? What type of activity did people start using planes for? What do you think about that?

Ch. 3
Vocabulary – astounded, mysterious
Discussion Questions – Who invented the hot air balloon? What did people call the balloon with a propeller? How long did it take the Graf Zeppelin to fly around the world? Why did people stop wanting to fly in them? Would that keep you from flying in an airship?

Ch. 4

Vocabulary – Skycrane
Discussion Questions – What type of flying machine has rotor blades like an airship, but an engine like a plane? Who made the world’s first helicopter flight? What are some uses for helicopters?

Ch. 5
Vocabulary – experienced, spectacular, glider
Discussion Questions – What are some reasons that people fly? What is the main difference between a glider and a plane? What are some stunts that skillful pilots might do? Do you think you would enjoy an airshow? Would you want to be a pilot? If you could fly a plane would you want to do stunts?

Ch. 6
Vocabulary – satellites, astronomers
Discussion Questions – What country was launching rockets thousands of years before the invention of the airplane? What country launched the first space machine? What did Neil Armstrong do before any other human being? What do we call the vehicle that is launched into space with a rocket, but then flies like an airplane? Do you think you will ever travel into space?

Play some of these vocabulary and comprehension games.

Find out how planes fly. These websites give simple, yet thorough explanations of the scientific principles of flight.

Make a few paper airplanes. Experiment to see which ones fly farther, what factors affect performance, etc. The following sites will give you some ideas.
Paper Airplanes
Best Paper Airplanes

Add measurements to your experiment with paper planes. How far did the plane go that flew the farthest? What was the difference between the length of the longest flight and the length of the shortest flight? What was the range of flight?

Social Studies
Play Order the History of Flight.

Choose one or more pioneers of flight. Find out what was his/her contribution and a little about his/her life. The list below will give you some ideas.

Sir George Cayley

Orville Wright

Wilbur Wright

Louis Bleriot

Anthony Fokker

Amelia Earhart

Igor Sikorsky

Yuri Gagarin

Neil Armstrong

Sally Ride

Amelia Earhart Lapbook