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New Zealand Unit Study

New Zealand Unit StudySubmitted by Angie H.

Library List:
Welcome to New Zealand by Patrick Ryan
New Zealand in Pictures by Francesca Di Piazza
New Zealand ABC’s by Holly Schroeder
The Maori of New Zealand by Steve Theunissen
Scholastic Atlas of the World
Birthdays Around the World by Mary D. Lankford

Day 1
Read “Welcome to New Zealand”
Find New Zealand on a world map or in an atlas
– make a die cut the exact shape of the country
*older children can make a map either physical or political
There are several ways to make a map, choose one
– paper mach’e
– drawing
– sculpt out of clay

Day 2
Read “New Zealand in Pictures”
Place the die cut of New Zealand on your map talk about what continent New Zealand is part of
Make a flag for the country of New Zealand
There are several ways to make a flag, choose one
– draw most flags are made of simple shapes
– color sheet there are many websites that have flags
– cut and paste use construction paper and cut out the shapes then glue
– paint
– sew *Older children might enjoy using fabric to make a flag you could use fabric glue instead of sewing
*Older Children can research the flag and write a report

Day 3
Read the New Zealand section of “Birthdays Around the World”
Place the die cut of New Zealand on a map talk about what direction New Zealand is from your home
Have a New Zealand birthday party
Make Fairy Bread
White bread
* Older children can do the planning and preparations for the party

Day 4
Read “The Maori of New Zealand”
Place the die cut of New Zealand on a map talk about the latitude and longitude of New Zealand
Paint your face and make a costume like the Maori People
*older children can make a time line for the historical events of New Zealand

Day 5
Read “New Zealand ABC’s”
Place the die cut on a map talk about islands find as many islands as you can
Make a Kiwi bird
There are many ways to make a Kiwi bird choose one
– pom pons
1 large pom pon for the body
1 small pom pon for the head
goggley eyes
felt for the beak and feet
craft glue
– draw
– sculpt using clay
– paper mach’e
– sew using felt to make a bean bag shape add feet and eyes and
beak by cutting out of felt
*Older children can research what animals live in New Zealand and make animal fact cards on index cards
have a picture of the animal on one side and facts about the animal on the other side