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My Country Notebook Unit Study – younger

My Country Unit StudySubmitted by Jill H.
Grades 3-6

Plan for a Country Notebook, Younger Students.

1. My country is:
• Is in the __________hemisphere.
• It’s neighbors are:
• The bodies of water it is near or in are:
• Its main physical features are:
• The climate is:
• The main cities are: Mark on a map.

2. Flora and Fauna (Plants and Animals)
• Some animals that are native to this country are:
• Their national animal is the:
• Some plants that are native to this country are:
• Their national flower is:

Country Template Notebooking Page

3. The People
• The native people are called the:
• Other people who have settled here have come from:
• Most of the people speak:
• Other languages spoken are:
• Some words I have learned are: (Hello, Goodbye, etc)
• The houses are mostly made of:

4. Food and Clothing
• Here is a typical breakfast, lunch and dinner for a student like me:
• People here wear:

5. Religion and Celebrations
• The main religion is:
• Other religions are:
• Celebrations in this country are:
• Special foods eaten include:
• Ways they decorate are:
• Special customs, stories and songs they have are:

6. Famous People and Historical Events
• Some of this country’s most famous people are:
• Some of the major events in this country’s history are:

7. Political
• The capital city is:
• The most populated areas are:
• This is because:
• The government is a:
• It has a President/Prime Minister/Monarch/Dictator as its leader.
• The flag looks like this:

8. The Economy
• Most people work in ….jobs.
• Other jobs people do are:
• The things that are produced here are mainly:
• Their currency is called:
• Other information about the economy:

Reference materials I used:
Vocabulary I have learned:
Activities and projects I did: (Include photos if possible)

• Cover one heading each week to complete the notebook in 8 weeks, or combine 1 & 2, and 3 & 4 to complete it in 6 weeks.
• Use a ringbinder or folder to keep your pages together.
• Have your notebook bound when you are finished it.
• Add lapbook booklets to the pages if you have made them.
• Leave out any suggestion that is not applicable to the particular country.
• Illustrate your information with drawings and pictures where possible.
• Take photos of clothing, meals, models etc you have made to add to your Notebook
• Spread the work over 10-12 weeks if necessary.