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Literature Unit Study based on Misty of Chincoteague

Misty of Chincoteague Unit StudyLibrary List:
Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry
Island of Wild Horses by Jack Denton Scott & Ozzie Sweet
How to Draw Horses by Lucy Smith
The Kingfisher Illustrated Horse and Pony Encyclopedia by Sandy Ransford
You will also need to use the internet or encyclopedias.

Part One -Read Island of Wild Horses to learn about the real wild horses of Virginia. Vocabulary: Chapter 1 – furiously, galleon. Chapter 2 – ancestors, plunged.

Part Two
Chapter 3
– Find out why the horses need to stay together in bands and how the bands cooperate together. Vocabulary: squinted, meekly.

Chapter 4 – Paul and Maureen ask their Grandpa questions about the wild horses. Let your children discover the interesting stories their grandparents know by interviewing them. Vocabulary: furiously, apparatus.

Chapter 5 – Paul and Maureen make money to buy Phantom. Plan your own fundraiser for a goal you have. Vocabulary: pried, battered.

Chapter 6 – Draw a picture of how Phantom and her foal looked coming out of the mist. Vocabulary: veiled, brackish, resolution.

Chapter 7 – Learn the anatomy of a horse. Vocabulary: undercurrent, spindling, commotion.

Chapter 8 – Learn about the relationship between a mother horse and her foal.Vocabulary: fugitive, triumph, hysterically.

Chapter 9 – Learn how to break a horse. Vocabulary: dejectedly, brawny, soberly.

Chapter 10 – Find out how a mother weans her foal. Vocabulary: wonderment, scarcely.

Chapter 11 – Find out what horses like to eat. Vocabulary: throngs, brandishing.

Chapter 12 – Write about a time you really had your heart set on getting something. Vocabulary: hysterically, obstacle.

Chapter 13 – Learn about rodeos. Vocabulary: mockery, auxiliary.

Chapter 14 – Learn about horse equipment. Vocabulary: splayed, girth.

Chapter 15 – Find out about horse racing. Vocabulary: gleefully, for granted.

Chapter 16 – Find out where the tradition of breaking the wishbone from a turkey comes from. Vocabulary: conditioning, hankering.

Chapter 17 – Pretend you are like Maureen – feeling like both Paul and Phantom. Write about it. Vocabulary: twilight.

Chapter 18 – Learn about the other sounds horses make. Vocabulary: accord, sideling.

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