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Literature Unit Study based on A Rainbow of My Own

A Rainbow of My Own Unit StudyLibrary List:
A Rainbow of my Own by Don Freeman
other books by Don Freeman
Suggested Activities to go with the book:

The child and the rainbow in the book play leapfrog. Play leapfrog with your child.

Find out more about peacocks with your child.

Practice counting by playing hide and seek like the child in the book.

Ask your child where the rainbow could hide.

Make a rainbow collage out of flower pictures from a seed catalog, or go to a nursery and buy a rainbow of flowers to plant.

Go to a grocery store produce department and find fruits and vegetables the colors of the rainbow.

Using finger paints, mix the primary colors to make secondary colors. Save to paint a rainbow.

On a sunny day, place a clear glass container full of water in a sunny window. Place a large sheet of paper on the floor. Move them both around until you have a rainbow on your paper. Trace the rainbow with a pencil and paint with your mixed paints.

Read about Noah in the Bible.

Color the Rainbow Worksheet. Help your child figure out which colors to use from the beginning sounds of the color words.

Make rainbow cookies. Use your favorite roll-out sugar cookie recipe. Divide your dough into 6 equal parts. Color each one with a different color of food coloring. Children can roll each ball into a rope and then form the ropes into a rainbow. Bake and enjoy.

Make circle rainbow craft.

Read other books by Don Freeman.