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Literature Unit based on The Donkey Cart

The Donkey Cart Unit StudySubmitted by Wende

Library List:
The Donkey Cart by Clyde Robert Bulla
The Usborne Book of Farm Animals 
by Felicity Everett

General info and ideas
-Look for clues as to when the story took place (stove on pg. 33, cars on pg. 88, style of dress on pg. 6)
-Take a tour of a farm, or go to a petting zoo.
-Vocabulary Words – preserves, manger, hermit, windrows
– Sing the songs at the beginning of each chapter, and learn to play them if so inclined.
– Read The Usborne Book of Farm Animals by Felicity Everett

Chapter 1 – Have a Christmas in summer party. Give children little presents wrapped in Christmas paper, wear hats and mittens, and sing a Christmas carol. Discuss seasons, and ask children what season and/or month Christmas is really in.
– Discuss familial relations i.e.: mother, father, aunt, uncle, sister, and brother. Use words for spelling list or handwriting practice.
– Read about donkeys on page 24 of The Usborne Book of Farm Animals by Felicity Everett
– Play the “Pack your Bags” memory game

Chapter 2 – Talk about life on the farm
– Make farm mini-book
– Talk about time – how time goes quickly when you are busy.

Chapter 3 – Discuss what children should do if they get lost.
– Go for a walk and pick and identify wildflowers.
– Discuss why the cave dwelling man’s eyes blinked when he went into the light. Experiment by going into a dark room for a bit and then turn on a light. What happens to your eyes?
– Character Trait: discuss kindness- think of something you can do for somebody.
– Make biscuits and serve with butter and honey
– Make a pinecone doll.

Chapter 4 – Make a chocolate cake, having the children doing the sifting and measuring.
– Discuss the life cycle of a bird. Ask why the goose would want to hide her eggs. Read about geese on page 20 of The Usborne Book of Farm Animals by Felicity Everett.

Chapter 5 – Find some hay to look at and smell. Go on a hayride, if possible.
– Discuss the horse drawn farm implements compared to the tractors used today.
– Read about horses on page 22 of The Usborne Book of Farm Animals by Felicity Everett
– Discuss and look at pictures of clouds. How can you tell if it is going to rain?
– Character Trait: discuss helpfulness and the benefit of working together to reach a goal.

Chapter 6 – Read about pigs on page 12 of The Usborne Book of Farm Animals by Felicity Everett
– Discuss county fairs, and put on your own. Make prize ribbons. Have children “train” real or stuffed animals to do tricks. Have a sack race, pie-eating contest, or show off your biggest zucchinis or pumpkins to win prizes.

Chapter 7 – Discuss being responsible for animals, keeping them safe and fed.
– Play cowboy, riding on a stick horse and pretending to round up the baby calf.
– Read about cows and calves on page 8 of The Usborne Book of Farm Animals by Felicity Everett
– Play w/ Lincoln Logs ranch w/ cowboys and farm animals.

Chapter 8 – Discuss the job of a veterinarian. Visit a vet’s office if possible.
– Talk about why the donkey was sick (from eating too much of something that was bad for him) and ask children if they remember a time they got sick from eating too much.
– Discuss natural remedies for tummy aches, and if possible, make some tea from fresh ginger root, or taste some ginger ale.

Chapter 9 – Plan a picnic to celebrate the end of a great summer.