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India Unit Study

India Unit StudySubmitted by Cynthia T.

Library List:
Great Civilizations of the East, L. Oakes, D. Ali, P. Steele, F. Macdonald pages70-126
Usborne Enc. of World Religions – sections on Buddism and Hinduism
Usborne Book of World Geography – map on India
World Atlas
Buddha Stories, Demi
Jataka Tales, Ellen C. Babbitt
Hero Tales, Dave & Neta Jackson: read sections on Amy Carmichal and Mother Teresa

Plus additional books from the library :
A Family in India, Tony Tigwell
India, Elaine Landau
Festivals of the World, India, Falaq Kagda
Look what we’ve brought you from India, Phyllis Shalant
The Fables of India, Joseph Gaer
The Talkative Beasts, Gwendolyn Reed

Week One: Life in Ancient India
Ancient Indus River Valley – Mojenharo-Daro and Harappa were two early cities that were established along the Indus River.
Discuss why the river valley made a great place to live. Compare this with that of ancient Egypt.
Introduce Hinduism and Buddism – compare and contrast with Christianity
Look for Scripture that deals with suffering and Jesus’ example of how to minister to the “untouchables” of society.
Read Buddha Stories
Terms to learn: citadel, caste system, stupa, eightfold-path
Activities: notebooking, drawing pictures of animals native to India (also animals found in fables and Jakata Tales), make a sample of Batik cloth using white fabric, a white crayon and dilute acrylic paint.

Week Two: Geography and Missionaries to India
Study the geography of India and discuss the lives of Christian Missionaries to India (Amy Carmichal and Mother Teresa are our favorites)
Make a Salt Dough relief map of India.
Read Jakata Tales and the Talkative Beasts
Discuss the morals of the tales – are these lessons still applicable to life?
Places to identify: Indus River, Ganges River, Himilayan Mountain Range, Deccan Plateau, Eastern and Western Ghats, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean
Activities: Illustrate a “comic” book with the favorite tales, make chapati bread and other recipes from India, Salt Dough Map, act out the Jakata Tales with stuffed animals, write-your-own fable

Week Three: Wrap-up
Play the game, Parchisi
Have lunch with someone who is from India or has travelled in India
Discuss the past two weeks – what did the children find interesting
How is life in India different from their life?
Sponsor a child in India – pray for that child
Research ongoing missions in India
Choose activities and recipes from the Festivals of the World and Look what we’ve brought you daily (try to do as many as possible).