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Hot Air Balloon Unit Study

Hot Air Balloon Unit StudyLibrary List:
Balloons: The First Two Hundred Years by Antonio Sotomayor
The Way Things Work: Ballooning DVD

Nova Online – History of Ballooning – Parts of a Balloon


History of Ballooning – Read about the history of ballooning online and inBalloons: The First Two Hundred Years. Write about the history on this History of Hot Air Ballooning Notebooking Page.

Parts of Balloon– Learn about the parts of a balloon. Label each and describe briefly on this Parts of a Hot Air Balloon Notebooking Page.

How Hot Air Balloons Work –
Nova’s Virtual Balloon Flight
How Hot Air Balloons Work Video
The Way Things Work: Ballooning DVD

Use Hot Air Balloon Notebooking Page to describe how hot air balloons work.

Make a Hot Air Balloon

Read about Steve Fossett’s hot air balloon flight around the world at Social Studies for Kids. Use Steve Fossett Notebooking Page to write about it.