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Habitat Unit Study

Habitat Unit StudySubmitted by Ellen C.

Library List:
The Magic School Bus Hops Home: A Book About Animal Habitats by Pat Relf

* K.W.L. (know…want to learn…what we learned [at the end]) on habitats
* Go to the nature center and observe with the 5 senses. Keep track on clipboards
* Read Magic School Bus Habitat Book
* Habitat Posters: Brainstorm different animals in different habitats, using any books on habitats and the animals that live there (see attached)
* Make a habitat report using this report form.

Download (PDF, 27KB)

* Make a postcard of a chose habitat using the attached sheet (picture on one side, writing about the habitat on the other)

Download (PDF, 6KB)

* Choose a habitat and make a poster of it including at least 3 plants and 3 animals
* Draw what you ate for dinner on a plate. Glue the plate to a large piece of paper/posterboard. On the poster board, draw where your dinner came from (ex. hamburger=cow, bun=wheat, ketchup=tomatoes)