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Astronaut Unit Study

Astronaut Unit StudyLibrary List:
John Glenn biography
The Life of an Astronaut by Niki Walker
Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin biography

The first American to orbit the Earth was John Glenn. Read a biography about John Glenn. Do the John Glenn worksheet.

Read a biography about Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin to find out how it felt to be the first people to walk on the moon. Using dark construction paper and chalks, draw what the earth looks like from the moon.

Read The Life of an Astronaut by Niki Walker. The younger members of your family will enjoy putting on their snowsuits and boots and pretending to be astronauts. Have children layer several pairs of gloves and try to manipulate small objects, such as putting a nut on a screw.

Have the children write what it would be like to live aboard the International Space Station. Have them include the best part about living there as well as the most challenging thing. They can write about what types of experiments are being performed on the Space Station as well.

Read Genesis Chapter 1. This is a great opportunity to review God’s creation of the universe.

Make a rocket. Put a plastic straw on a piece of string. Tie the string to two sturdy objects across the room from each other. Make sure the string is tight. Loosely tape a balloon to the straw. Blow up the balloon, and hold its opening closed. Make sure the tape is stuck to the balloon. Let go of the balloon. It will fly across the room.

Have each child calculate how much they would weigh on the moon and each planet. Multiply their weight by the following numbers. Have them put their weights into a bar graph.

Moon 0.16
Mercury 0.28
Venus 0.90
Earth 1.0
Mars 0.38
Jupiter 2.34
Saturn 0.92
Uranus 0.79
Neptune 1.12
Pluto 0.04

Astronaut Notebooking Pages

Buzz Aldrin
Neil Armstrong
Alan Shepard