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PreSchool Unit Study based on A Tree is Nice

PreSchool Unit Study based on A Tree is Nice Library List:

A Tree is Nice by Janice May Udry
Tree Identification Guide

Suggested Activities to go with the book:

The words Tree and Nice both have silent e’s. Do the Silent E Worksheet.

Go on a nature walk and collect different tree leaves. Picnic under a tree and discuss photosynthesis. Identify the trees from which you collect leaves. When you get home, show child how to draw two lines to make the tree trunk, then make a crayon rubbing of a leaf for the top of the tree. Label it with the tree species. Do this for each leaf you collected. Put them all together to make a tree book.

Label the roots, trunk, branches and leaves and color a Tree Coloring Sheet. Use this as the cover of the book you made.

Look at the leaves you collected under a magnifying glass. Notice the veins on the leaves.

Also while you are on your nature walk, observe what animals and insects live in trees.

Take note of the different places you see trees.

Look for a fallen stick you can use for a walking stick.

If you see a fallen tree, look at the rings inside the trees. Also discuss difference in width between younger and older trees.

Read about the third day of creation.

Climb a tree.

Plant a tree.