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History of Homeschooling: A Fragile Peace

by Lorrie Ney

Part 1

History of Homeschooling: A Fragile PeaceHome education is so common today our students are beginning to steal the public thunder. We win national spelling bees, make movies, win Olympic gold medals. And even the Ivy League institutions court the ranks of our graduates. Many homeschoolers are part of co-ops, or large inclusive groups of homeschooling families. My local homeschool Co-Op is celebrating its 25th year of fellowship. A quarter century ago the Berlin Wall was tumbling down, and Chinese youth were dying in Tiananmen Square. But here in mid-Missouri a small group of like-minded parents were banding together to share their skills, encouragement, and lobby politically to ensure their newly earned rights to homeschool didn’t get voted away. There is strength in numbers. [Read more…]