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10 Ways to Banish the “End of the Year” Bad Attitude

by Jennifer Carson

10 Ways to Banish the "End of the Year" Bad AttitudeI often find myself saying things like “As soon as ____ is done, I’ll have more time and I can ____.” My mom calls this “wishing my life away.” I think we’re all guilty of this type of thinking at some point in our lives—where we’re so focused on how great things will be at some point in the future (e.g. when I graduate, when I get married, etc) that we tend to ignore the blessings right in front of us, in the here and now. As a homeschool mom, I must admit that I’ve been thinking along these lines: as soon as we finish our school work for the year, then we can have fun. And so, I’ve been pushing a Larry the Cable Guy attitude upon my children of just hurry up and “Get’er done!” There’s nothing wrong with being motivated to “get it done,” but I realized that I had taken all of the joy out of learning in my quest to be done with the school year. So here are a few things that we’ve done and are planning on doing to ensure a memorable spring and hopefully to inspire some intrinsic motivation to finish the school year on a fun note. [Read more…]